Frequently Asked Questions about Property Tax Reduction

How can I find out if my property taxes are too high?

Ask us for a consultation. We’ll evaluate your case, and tell you if we think you’re paying too much.

What are the costs of your services?

If we agree to represent you, you pay us nothing unless we succeed. Then our fee is 50% of the first year’s reduction for Nassau County and Suffolk County cases, plus the $30 County filing fee; for City or Village cases, the fee is the first year’s reduction. You also pay the cost of an appraisal, if needed.

Will I have to go to hearings or court?

No. We do all the paperwork, filings, and preparation, and appear on your behalf at hearings and, if necessary, at appeals.

Will my reduction be retroactive?

Reductions are not retroactive. The reduction will be reflected in your next tax bill and subsequent bills, until your property is reassessed.

Will reducing my County taxes reduce my City or Village taxes too?

Not automatically. You need to file separately for City or Village reductions, which may not be cost-effective because these taxes are often relatively small. Ask us to do the calculations.

What if my request is turned down?

Your property taxes will remain unchanged. There are no penalties, and you can file again next year.

Will filing for a reduction affect my exemptions?

Filing for a reduction will not affect STAR, Veterans, Seniors, Clergy or other real estate tax exemptions. Existing benefits will continue, and your eligibility for new benefits is not compromised.

What is the penalty for filing late?

Late filing is not permitted. If you miss the deadline, you have to wait until next year to file and begin saving.

Where can I learn more about property tax reduction?

All the relevant Real Property Tax Law, regulations, forms, ratios, deadlines and contact information are available free from the NYS Office of Real Property Services.

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